10 Tips On How To Avoid Disaster For Friends With Benefits


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Your Friendship:

With beneficial friendships being plastered all over the silver screen and encouraged left and right, it’s important to protect yourself, your health and preserve your friendship. When it comes to fooling around with your BFF it’s important to consider the rules of friends with benefits, because being friends with benefits rules.

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Friends With Benefits DO’s:

1. Be Brutally Honest: Be upfront and honest with each other about what you want AND how you want it. Make your own rules for friends with benefits and adhere to them.

NOTE: Don’t create unrealistic and agree upon realistic expectations for the other person. When you enter into a friends with benefits situation, the only rules that apply are the ones you create for yourself.

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2. Talk About Each Others’ Sex Lives: Make sure that you know whether or not your friend is sleeping around with other people. Be smart about what you do with your body and make sure you communication with your part-time lover about keeping things safe. Which leads to my next must in a friends with benefits relationship…

3. Use Protection: There are lots of options out there for protection. Don’t be stupid, just use it.

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4. Get Adventurous: Remember this is your best friend you are fooling around with, they can be honest with you and you can be honest with them. This could be the opportunity of a sexual-lifetime!

5. End on Good Terms: Remember you were friends before and if you keep it all in perspective you can walk away from this friends again-although it’s highly unlikely.

Friends With Benefits DO NOT’s:

1. Don’t Expect a Relationship: If you are entering in to a friends with benefits situation, don’t expect the other person to suddenly fall madly in love with you just because you are adding sex to the equation. Try and stay level headed.

2. Don’t Get Jealous:┬áJealousy isn’t even cool when you’re in an actual relationship, its even less cool when you’re just fooling around with your friend.

Riot Kissing Couple

Make Love, Not War. “Riot Kissing Photo” by CBC.ca

3. Don’t Run Your Mouth: If you start running your mouth, people start to assume things. Keep your private life quiet and no one will assume anything unusual about you and your secret booty call.

4. Don’t Lie: Honesty is the best policy–not because it always is, but who wants to have to maintain a fake relationship with their friend? Lies turn into more lies, and you don’t have time for that. Give it to each other straight and avoid disaster.

5. Don’t Get Clingy: Don’t keep a tooth brush over at his or her house, don’t sleep over too often, don’t buy each other gifts and steer clear of romance. We’re fans of romance and lovey-dovey things, but you don’t need charm your friend with benefits because you are not trying to date this person–you’re trying to sleep with them.

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