Hilarious Review for 5lb Bag of Haribo Gummy Bears on Amazon


Haribo is a loved brand across the world, but one Amazon reviewer had his own take on the sugarfree version of the gummy bear snacks. While there is almost 100% positive reviews for Haribo Gummy Bears on Amazon, this negative review takes the cake. Enjoy this HILARIOUS Haribo gummy bear review from a real user on Amazon!

Gummy Bear Review

Gummy Bear Review 2

The Actual Review: On Amazon

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  • Todd

    A key point left out of the title is that this review is for “sugar free” gummy bears, which do, in fact, give you a rip-roaring case of the runs if consumed in excess.

  • http://northierthanthou.com/ northierthanthou.com

    lol, pretty funny.