Peace in Nature

As responsibilities grow and time seemingly speeds up I've often found myself burdened by stress and worry over the struggles of life. Being raised in a rural area I took my surroundings for granted. I've always preferred a peaceful forest to a bustling city street but it hasn't been until well into my adult life that I realized the power and peace we can find in nature. Returning from an out of town job late one night, quite a few years back, I was walking towards my front door as I briefly glanced up at the night sky. I was instantly captured by the heavens above. A perfectly clear summer sky in rural Michigan made for some of the greatest stargazing I've ever witnessed. As I sat down on my front steps and simply stared into the sky, I rapidly felt the stress and worries of life melting away. For what seemed like hours I sat on those steps, determined I would seek this source of peace and healing more frequently. Even now, as I type, the memories and experiences I've had in nature bring me great peace and joy. I've found the power of nature is everywhere. Walking by a quiet pond in the morning mist, staring across the Rockies at 12,000', backpacking along mighty rivers and waterfalls or watching the waves roll in one quiet evening on the shores of Lake Michigan. Sometimes a simple walk down a dirt road or thru a field is all it takes. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't need to be grand. Just being in the stillness and magnificence of this earth can work wonders for the soul. To those struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or denial. Set it all down, and just get outside. Go find the quietest place you can and simply, be. Agnostic, atheist, or believers alike can find peace, rest, and simple joy in the beauty that is all around us. Go breathe the invigorating air of the heavens.

POSTING DATE: May 2, 2019
Post created Feb 3, 2019

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9 months ago

I want to second this notion.

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