Perspective is at the forefront of our reality


It's everything.

It's the final filter that determines your experience.

The reality you are creating.

If your perspective is the weather is shit, and you were hoping for it to be sunny-

Until you embrace the actual now that is happening,

you can be stuck in a place that is not actually now.

Longing, wishing, 'what if-ing', a reality that is not now.

And guess what,

the most you can ever get out of the now...

Is being fully here!

Because here, is not there-

and there is not here.

When you are here, you are not there-

and when you get there,

you wont be able to get back here!

So be fully here! Here is bliss! Here is the experience!

The lessons!

The moments that evolve your perspective to there!

And, to extract this a bit further-

As Paul Chek says,

emotion- is energy in motion.



if your thoughts have a vibration...

this means they play a role in your over all vibration.

and YOUR overall vibration is what is being put forth into the world,

interacting and creating your reality on more than just the conscious level.

(and effecting other realities. remember, there is co-creation to this whole thing!)

So my friends.

Be conscious of your vibration,

Be conscious of your perspective,

Be responsible for your reality!

This was a quick free flow type session and I have not gone back to check grammar or formatting,

BUT... I hope you enjoyed.

Sending love to you all-


POSTING DATE: Apr 30, 2019
Post created Apr 30, 2019

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