Trevor Jacob Psychology Session

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Hey! My name is Trevor. You probably know me from Youtube or social media. I am an Olympic athlete​,​ Entrepreneur​,​ Psychology major​,​ and much more. I have experienced things in life that have built me into someone I never imagined I would become. I am grateful for those experiences​,​ because they have made me who I am today. My goal is to use the knowledge I have gained through these experiences to benefit others. I truly thank God everyday for all of the struggle I have been sent​,​ because we only appreciate and are grateful for life​,​ to the extent we have suffered in it as well. Book me for a video chat​,​ or a phone call. You can also book me for a skydive here in California​,​ and other adventures!


  • Business
  • Dating Advice
  • Family Advice
  • Life-Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Mental Health

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