You can't win a fight

When I was 26, I thought I was the coolest guy in town. Driving my mustang through downtown, music blasting, my ego was maxed out. On the weekends my boys and I would go down to 5th street and go out for a time. Fighting, drinkin, fu*kin. It was all fun and games, and we had some rowdy times. But looking back on the whole thing a decade later. What a WASTE OF TIME. I have a family now, and man did I not appreciate anything. What was I doing?!? Going out in bars, looking for trouble. Who the hell did I think I was? I guess it takes time to grow up. But we really hurt some people man. And looking back on that time in my life, I would of hated who I was if I met that version of me now. I guess what I am tryin to preach to them youngster out there is, be smart, don’t go looking for fights. You can never win a fight. You know why? Because even if you do win physically, you end up feeling like shit. You physically hurt someone else? Cool! Not! It’s embarrassing, it’s cruel, and it is not the answer. Violence is never the answer. We could of saved a lot of time, and a lot of hurt and harm spending our time in nature being active. Maybe this will resonate with someone out there, but it probably wont. Just like if I read this 10 years ago I would of laughed. But everyone has to figure it out themselves. Just like a drug addict, you can try to convince them to stop all you want, but until they want it for themselves, that’s the only way they will stop. Much love to everyone out there. Be smart kids.

POSTING DATE: May 2, 2019
Post created Mar 17, 2019

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