Former addict

I was raised on the streets of detroit, selling dope. Parents were dealers, It's all I knew growing up. I ended up becoming a full blown junkie, addict, dealer myself. After I turned 15, I was in school, and it hit me. Other kids werent the same as me. They werent experiencing the same things I was, and it clicked. I started to become friends with some of the nice kids, instead of sticking to the hood kids. After the suffering of many many days. I am proud to say, I have a stable job, and I have been clean for 14 years. If theres anyone out there suffering with drugs, just understand, the only one thats going to pull you out of hell, is YOU. It's tough, but its all about stepping up to the plate and coming through on promises to yourself. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!

POSTING DATE: May 2, 2019
Post created Mar 23, 2019

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