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 Hi!  My name is Trevor Jacob.  Action Sports athlete, Olympic snowboarder, Former Nitro Circus member, and creator of 

I recently started as a website for instructors and guides of all kinds to offer their services around the world.  As I was building  The idea came to me to start The Adventured Foundation at the same time, as a non-profit fund for injured athletes in need of support, as well as supporting keeping public lands open to recreation activities such as snowmobiling and off road vehicles of different kind.  I have many passions.  Instructing, guiding, and giving back to those who truly need it, are all at the top of that list.  After participating in action sports my whole life, I’ve realized how many close friends, and athletes, struggle to pay the bills required after sustaining injuries.  As well as how many people and their families are affected each year by their favorite riding and recreation areas being shut down to the activities we love.

Not everybody has been able to have the support of Olympic Team surgeons and doctors as I have been blessed to have, and after sustaining dozens of broken bones, surgeries, concussions, and watching many close friends go through life changing injuries.  I have deeply understood the difficulties and traumas that can affect individuals, and families, after sustaining injuries, as well as not having access to nature, sports, and the outdoors.

I have created The Adventured Foundation to positively affect athletes pursuing their dreams who have medical bills they cannot afford, as well as keeping more of our public land open to keep doing our passions in the outdoors.  I have teamed up with the best action sports athletes, as well as psychology experts, including myself, to create a sustainable non-profit that will be around for generations to come. 

The Adventured Foundation will live on as a support system for the world of the Outdoors and Action Sports.  I have an extremely deep passion for running and maintaining The Adventured Foundation, and plan for it to bring help, and opportunity to those who truly need it. 

We are still awaiting approval of our requested 501c3 non-profit status as it takes 6 to 12 months to receive.  And will proudly announce that status when we get it.  Thank you for supporting The Adventured Foundation.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance with action sports related medical bills or need support keeping a recreational area open. 

Please submit a request so we can help, by emailing  Due to the high volume of requests, The Adventured Foundation board of directors picks submissions on a case by case basis.

Thank you.


-Trevor Jacob